Get in touch Home page the bank of eternal love home page The Bank of Eternal Love uses LARPing as a tool to build a community in which love can be explosive and a connecting source. To embody all different perspectives enhances a multidimensional energy through all beings. A multi dimensional way of loving. Every body can bring love and every body can be loved. The employee’s are representing a character. You as a costumer can receive love from these persona’s, paying the love back has to go directly to the represented once.
Obnitapra embodies obnitor, the Latin word for plant, strive, stem, struggle, stand firm. Obnitapra represents the ciculair system of life, everything that comes into existence, grows and dies. Sharing as a tool to build on a community. Characteristics: Always in a state of becoming Stands firm Sharing Solidary
Octopia represent the relationship with all fluidity, such as water, fog, bacteria. Octopia is able to help you with creating a love relation towards fluidity. They can assure you to have a wonderful future. Characteristics: Filters the flow of energy Invisible Exploits Heals
Fertilitasia represents the energetic love flow that moves through all beings. Love is often connected to guilt, but when it is free from guilt is can be explosive and revolutionary. Fertilatasia will help you strengthening the explosive side of love. Characteristics: Radical Passionate Gamble addicted